Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY | Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Angels
Shopping as become a matter of seconds these days, thanks to Hi-Tech! But people like me, who prefer making their coffee the traditional way rather than opting for instant mix, enjoy getting our hands dirty occasionally with DIY's!! I love the feel of a home made product. It brings a very unique sense of satisfaction and joy. Plus the fact that i can customize it as per my needs and likes is a bonus.

So this weekend when i woke up, i wanted to make my very own Lip Balm. No joke, that's what happened. So here goes....

A very easy and a common way of making a lip balm.
You would need
♥ A mineral blush or a lipstick for color
♥ An empty container
♥ Petroleum Jelly
Now who doesn't have these readily available at home??

Simply mix all three ingredients well. You can mix them in a separate bowl or in the container itself. Once done, clean the edges. That's it, Done! They make a perfect gift. And one can hardly tell its homemade!! 

Let me know if you guys are going to give this a try or have already done so before!
This weekend was indeed very relaxing and chilled for me. The heat, however is taking a toll on everyone.

Take care lovelies
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  1. Aw lovely post. Gonna make one for myself too (: xx

  2. This is such a good idea - certainly going to try this out! xxx

  3. great DIY! I bet you could even ad some sugar to make it a lip exfoliater too!

    1. @emma thanks! Do let me know how it goes...
      @kristina yes yes am sure you can. It didn't cross my mind though


  4. Wow this is such a great idea..definitely gonna try this out..

  5. I love this post! Such a good idea, I want to make my own tinted lip balm now! I have been looking through your wonderful blog and I think it is amazing so I have given you a follow! I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  6. This is such a great idea! I love it!


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