Friday, May 3, 2013

New Jewelery finds...

Hello Angels
Hope all are geared up for a fun weekend. I am!
When it comes to jewelery, I only own a few selected favorites cause I tend to get a 'lil choosy. Plus its a  big no to too much BLING! However, over the past week i did manage to find a few really good pieces.

 ♥ 2 arm candy's. Which i absolutely love and wear almost every day now. The designs are very adorable 
♥ 2 lovely finger rings. Very simple. Very me. 
♥ Lastly, 3 simple pendant chains. Antique clock pendant, Druzy design copy and an 'S' letter, after my love's name. (Yes, this may sound cheeezy, but tatz me!!)

How did you like them? What kind of jewelery do you enjoy? Simple or Heavy?

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♥ xoxo 


  1. I LOVE your sausage dog jewelry holder.. where did you get it? also love your arrow ring :)

    1. Thanks hun...It was an online purchase from Asos...
      The arrow is not a ring it's a bracelet ! xx

  2. All jewelry are absolutely beautiful!

  3. I always love a little bling, the butterflies are adorable.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  4. Ahhh your puppy jewelry holder <3 I've been looking for it and can't seem to get my hands on it. Very pretty photos!


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