Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Favorite M.A.C Lipsticks

Helloooo Angels
Lipsticks are very very important to me. I can step out without a foundation or blush but lipstick is a must! Reason being I have a very pale lip.
As far as my collection goes am still a long way from finding comfort with several shades. This post is about my all time favorites. My 3 top go-to lipsticks are Taupe, Fast Play and Speak Louder all by M.A.C

Taupe  was my first Mac lipstick. And I love it to the core. To describe the color it is a reddish taupy brown. The creamsheen finish works brilliantly and it lasts for decent no of hours.
Speak louder  With this one, I ventured into bright colors for the first time. Its a bright pink with blue tone to it. I absolutely adore it and it's my go to lipstick on night outs. However, i wish M.A.C had them in creamsheen formula
Fast play  is a recent buy. In the swatch below it may look very similar to Taupe but i assure you that they are different. This one falls under the Amplified Creme finish by M.A.C and true to its name the color as a very lasting effect. It slides on to your lips effortlessly. I love the effect it leaves behind even when it begins to wear off and hence hardly a retouch required!

The swatches above are taken from M.A.C site, as it is too late in the evening to click a photo.
What are your favorite M.A.C lipsticks? Does it include any of the above?
Have a great week guys

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  1. I love your makeup bag! it is so fresh and cute!

    Evelyn xxx

    1. Thank u dear! I got it from Victoria Secrets...

    2. Agreed. Gorgeous Make up bag!

    3. Hahah...seems like doing a blogpost on my make up bag wa a better idea! Cheers ladies

  2. I love love LOVE MAC lipsticks and their glosses are great too.

    I have Creme Cup, Lady Danger, Girl About Town, Pink Friday and Ruby Woo in lipsticks and love them all! I could buy the whole collection if I was made of money!


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