Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Very Own Chanel Cupcakes

Hellloo Lovelies..
I might be saying this quite often now, but am super duper excited for this blog post. a) because this is my 100th blog post b) I feel extremely happy about my baking skills now.

Don't we all LOVE cupcakes?? I do. Especially those gorgeous decorated ones. They are a bundle of joy to me. Always brings a smile without fail. I aww at the creativity and skill used to design them, which eventually led me into thinking why not acquire the skill myself??!!

So here goes...All i had to learn was to make a fondant decor. Google and You tube came in handy as always and helped me with the basics. Baking a cupcake is easy, and making a decor for it is even simpler once you get a hang of it. Since am a makeup plus handbag junky, i took my inspiration from my weakness! Sounds weird!! :) 

Someday i may own a Chanel Bag. Til then i can just create my own mini edible ones. What say?? 
I baked 3 Chanel Themed cupcakes
♥ A Classic Chanel Bag
♥ A Chanel Box
♥ A Lipstick

Its a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. For the decor i used white fondant. My store was out of black fondant unfortunately. But i manged to get hold of some coloring and painted them black!!
They turned out pretty good looking for a first timer. Woop Woop!! I was left with 2 extra cupcakes which i topped with Blue icing.

 Finally packed them away in beautiful Blue boxes. Set to be delivered to 3 of my Make up/ Chanel crazy friends!  How did you like my firsthand at fondant decor? Would you like to see more designs?
Have a great weekend angels

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♥ xoxo 


  1. They came out really cute! I think putting them in that blue box really adds to them, actually!

    Catching Stars

  2. OMG!!!!They are so lovely that I really don't feel like eating them.Just feel like keeping them as a showpiece in those cute little boxes.Congratulations on you 100th post! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. @deanna thanks hun!! Your right the boxes are very adorable
      @aysha thank u. Yes, I kept staring at them too....

  3. OMG this are so cuuuute - you're very talented baker! Must have been tough to eat them though and destroy the little works of art!


    1. yes it will be very hard indeed and Thanks for your lovely compliment hun..xx

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  5. o so cute! I just found your blog and it´s great! I like your sense of style and follow you now.hope you will like my blog and follow me too.LOVE Maria


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