Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello Angels
When i woke up this morning, i honestly thought it was the weekend and slept for another 15 minutes before the realization struck me hard!! But i ended up taking a day off anyways :) Justified by the fact that i need to spend more time with my sister before she takes off to Canada next week

Moving on..everyday of last week either began or ended with an eat out. There is nothing like going to nice 'lil restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee and munching on a delicious snack. To top it up, chit chat with family. 
I usually opt for well designed cozy restaurants. Plus if there is a outdoor seating, nothing like it The heat in Dubai gets unbearable at times so everyone exploits a good weather day! I prefer fancy big restaurants for special big occasions only..

I take the pleasure of making myself a nice yummy fruit shake everyday. Strawberry and raspberry is my favorite  Plus i also like the Mango, Banana and strawberry combination. Please suggest me a few good ones. 
What kind of restaurants do you prefer? How often do you eat out?
♥ xoxo 

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  1. Hi fathoosh. I love your blog and I really like the new layout. It's cute. :)
    I want to ask a question. I saw your business card on instagram and was wondering where you got them printed? Is it in Dubai? My sister is starting her desserts business and we are looking for getting her business cards printed but we don't know where to start. We approached some places but they are very corporate in nature and don't do the fun type of cards we are looking for. Please help :(


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!