Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arabian Night

Hello Angels
So last week there was yet another family get together. It was super awesome and we had loads of fun. The best part was the dress up! Party theme was Arabian Nights. So basically both men and women had to dress up in Traditional Arabian attires. The ladies wore Jalabiya (long flowy maxy kinda dress) and men in Kandura (Almost the same description).

My hunt for Jalabiya went on for almost 2 days until i found the ONE. Shopping for my husband proved equally difficult. We had traditional dances, lots of games, lighting Chinese lanterns and of course a full fledged Arabic Cuisine. All in all a fun happy night 

I wish to give you guys a tiny snapshot of the attire and culture. Hope you like it! Have you been to any of the middle eastern countries??? How do you like my dress?

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  1. This looks so cool :)

  2. Amazing and awesome getogether!!!Loved your dress!


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