Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bloggers Dilemma..

Helloo Angels
If your a blogger, you may relate to this blog post but if your from the other end, then this post gives you a sneak peek into the bloggers world!
Does your blog cost you? No, not in monetary terms but otherwise? Do you worry about your blog stats? Or when you do not receive the expected response from your followers? Or do you face writers block? Do you get that not so happy feeling about your blog?

Well, bloggers face many issues! Most of us at least. We do not wake up each day with a new, bright idea or topic neither are we safe keepers to abundant creativity. Hence most blog posts are a result of hardwork, a lot of thinking and brainstorming! Of course some days, we get inspired by random things but that happens less often.

There are days when i have nothing to blog about. I literally go Blank. But i tell myself that's OK. Blogging should not be a task. Its something i pursued out of passion. The solution is to give your blog the best you can. Do not rush into random blog posts because that will ultimately bring down the standard of your blog.

Ask yourself or place yourself as a follower. Would you be interested in reading the content? Does it excite you? Or as a blogger do you get complete satisfaction from your work? 

Answers to these questions will help us decide what to write and what not to!

I always make note of items or experiences that i would like to share with my followers. Then when i have sufficient content, i publish them. Good content is the key to keep your followers interested. Write about things that interest you genuinely. Readers can sense enthusiasm and passion.    

Hope this helped you guys in some way! Have a lovely weekend angels...

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