Friday, January 31, 2014

Dior Nails | Top 3 favorites

Hello Angels
Lately, i am drawn towards nail polishes a 'lil too much!! My weakness for blushes was identified and written off long back (by myself and my loved ones), but looks like somebody may have to share the spotlight!!!
Among high end nail polishes, Dior is my favorite. They have a beautiful collection and i seem to want 'em all!
No surprise there....

I adore Dior for
a) applicator. Wide and fine bristles. Am not an expert when it comes to self application of nail paint but with Dior i pull off a decent finish.
b) Consistency. The consistency is just right. Not too thick nor too liquidy!
c) Packaging. Love Love Love (enough said!!)

Here are 3 colors am loving at the moment....

Dior Vernis Masai Red- Every girl needs a Red polish! There is a red for every occasion. This one is more of an evening/formal kinda red. Such a gorgeous color!
Dior Darling 653 - Reminds me of summer. Causal yet very feminine color.
Dior Vernis Purple Mix - Another stunner by Dior. I think the color speaks for itself

Lighter shades of Dior leave behind streaks in the first coat which later gets covered completely in the second. With very light colors i do tend to go for a third coat. A top coat gives the perfect finish and your set to rock!

Which one is your favorite girls? Do you prefer lighter shades over dark? Which other color from Dior do you think i should add to my collection?

Have a great weekend



  1. The purple colour is amazing, definitely my kind of Autumn/Winter shade, I love it.
    Your blog is beautiful and your photos are stunning! :)

    1. Yes I agree... Beautiful color for winter!
      Thanks babe for the compliments.... i love photography and I guess that shows in my blog!!!


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