Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines Day Special | Be your own Valentine!

Hello Angels
So how often does your boyfriend or husband get your VD gift right? If the answer is 'always', then gal your damn lucky! Else welcome to a more real world!

According to me, it is OK to pamper yourself! Not as a silly excuse to justify your shopping spree but on special occasions. Here are some gift ideas..
  • Spa Day. Treat yourself to a relaxing Spa day or massage. Nothing like it
  • Have an afternoon tea catch up with your girlfriend
  • Getting yourself that one makeup item from your wishlist (Tell me what it would be??)
  • Get yourself a real gift. How about Lush VD gift boxes? This year Lush has come up with beautiful gift boxes filled with some awesome treats. Below is one among them called the 'Neon Love'. It houses Turkish delight shower smoothie, From dusk till dawn massage bar and Neon love soap (cost $54) Prince Charming is another favorite of mine and a must have from Lush ( Click Here to read my review on Lush skincare). Good news for all UAE residents is that they do home delivery!! Spoil me more!!

  • Be creative - Why not try these Caviar Luxe polish from Ciate? Aren't they gorgeous? Let me tell you these Caviar polishes are surely not for everyday use. They are for special occasions. So don't expect them to stay put for 12hr. I tested them for a whole day, and they remained intact for a good 4hr. The trick is to apply them perhaps on fingers which we tend to use or exert less pressure. These golden beads came with a silver paint pot. They look gorgeous! (cost $43)
So what are you getting yourself this Valentine?? Tried Caviar polishes before?



  1. Love the nails and I never need an excuse to buy lush haha I'm totally addicted to the smells
    Carrieanne x

    1. So agree.... U can't pass by the shop without popping in!!! Addictive....

  2. omg!!! these are soo cool. i will buy some of them!!


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