Friday, November 7, 2014

Nars Again!! | Audacious Lipsticks

Hello Angels
Consumed by NARS products lately.. Hope you guys don't mind the over dose!
So jumping right into it - Nars Audacious Lipsticks. 

These babies were everywhere and created quite a rave. But given the price and the fact that i wasn't really in need of another lipstick, i resisted the urge! (Well done me!!). Now as my luck would have it, i was kindly invited to a Nars Master Makeup class last week. All attendees went back home with 3 Audacious lipsticks in our goody bag!!! 

My heart skipped a bit or two. The bullet is Sexy! Heavy, black metallic body with magnetic closure. The texture is smooth and creamy. Super pigmented, even nude shades. One swipe is all it takes. 

Among the 3 i love love 'Anita' the most, a muted rose color. Annabelle is a gorgeous bright red. Claudia is too bright for my skin tone but the color is beautiful. Nars just gained 1000 brownie points for launching these absolute stunners.

Tip - For a lasting effect set using powder and then go for a second coat. 

The collection houses 40 shades from nudes to brights. I love how they named each lipstick. You are sure to find either yours or a friends name in the collection. With Christmas around the corner, they would make a lovely gift to a dear one.  

I totally get you if you treat yourself with these babies (just saying!!!). Yay or Nay???!!
Available at Sephora approx AED165/USD38



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