Friday, June 6, 2014

Bourjois. X Formula & Other | Weekly Update

Hello Angels
Calling all nail polish lovers. Here are 2 awesome products that i would highly recommend. Tried and Tested. Let's get cracking into the details....;)

Bourjois Instant Dry Liquid
I love my polishes. The only part i hate (really hate!) is when i have to wait for them to dry. The 5-10min wait feels like forever. This usually involves me waving my hands in the air (a tribal dance act!) or me desperately blowing air onto them.

I've tried quick dry liquids from other brands but all failed to impress. Bourjois Instant Dry actually does what it claims to be! FAB! It leaves my nails all dry within seconds, Literally. Comes in a convenient cute bottle. A must buy!

US$10/AED 35
Available at Boots                                                                                             
X Formula Cleanser     
Next up is a product that will help you get those polishes off in a giffy! I've owned these for quite sometime now but never gave them a try until last evening. O My Gosh! i was impressed. Nail polish removers gets the job done but they may miss on a few spots towards the corners.

X Formula Nail cleanser can be used as a normal remover or since it is slightly more expensive compared to a regular cleanser, i use them to get rid of colors in those tricky corners. Apply the product where necessary and swipe it clean. Done. Not a spot left behind. 

I find them extremely handy, especially when removing dark colored lacquers. US$10/AED35. Available at Sephora. 

Arm Candy's
A non beauty favorite.
I love chic accessories. Statement ones. The 2 shown in pic were the most loved last month. I've been receiving loads of compliments on them as well.

The Orange one is from Guess. They do the same in Black and a gorgeous light green too. The other one is a local buy. The 2 makes a lovely combination.

Hope you guys like found this post useful. Have a lovely and safe weekend.



  1. Definitely going to try the Bourjois instant dry! I always smudge my nail polish because it takes so long to dry. Josie xxx


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