Wednesday, June 25, 2014

London Shopping | Non Beauty

Hello Angels
Second part to my London shopping spree. Heads up/Spoiler- i did not go all crazy shopping for exclusive/fancy stuffs. Reason being Dubai is much cheaper when it comes to shopping vs London for clothing, Designer stuffs etc

But if you have a weakness for small cute accessories and other regular items then you may enjoy this post after all. Harrods and Selfridges housed some uber cute leather and other accessories. On the other hand, Primark helped me with some cheap and best products. So here is a sneak peek 

P.S -I may have bagged some basic tees and tops from Topshop which were on Sale! (Not pictured below. Like I said they are very basic!) 

Mini satchel and shoes from Primark
Kate Spade Coffee Tumbler from Selfridges
Key chains | Magnets | Harrods Showpiece 
Chocolates | Purse | USB | Harry Potter chocolate wand

Am really into these tiny cute stuffs. I bring magnets from countries i travel to and they go straight on my Refrigerator (I've quite a bit collection going on already! Its like an asset). The shoes from Primark costs me only $11. Excellent buy and look how pretty they are!!

The Coffee Tumbler is yet another favorite. The strips and Pink totally won me over. Costs $31. 

Leave me a comment below if you like my 'lil shopping spree and which one is your fav?


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