Monday, November 25, 2013

Marc Jacob Beauty | Review

Hello Angels
*Calling All Marc Jacob Fans*
A lot of anticipation and excitement buzzed around the launch of Marc Jacob beauty collection.The beauty world could hardly wait. The collection launched in Dubai last week, Finally!!

So this weekend, I paid a quick visit to Sephora. Lusting over the products beautifully displayed at the MJ Counter. My first purchase had to be their nail varnish. They have some very unique color selection and o my my the packaging! 10/10 for packaging. 

I was torn between two colors, Petra and Le Charm. Bagged Petra but soon to go back for the latter. Petra is a very beautiful metallic, violet toned grey. If that makes sense!! I had them on for 1 week and faced no chipping issue.  For US$27 these are definitely on the expensive side. 

To talk a 'lil about their other products. They have a vast selection of shades in foundation and concealers. I always appreciate when brands offer a good range of selection in shades. The blushes came in 5 shades only. But the texture was amazing. Uber soft and silky. Check out 'Reckless'.   

So how did you like my MJ purchase? Have you got your hands on them yet? Let me know....



  1. I have only seen a few things in british online stores from this line, I really want the neutral eyeshadow palette x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. That's sad..but try other online sites like Which British website did u check? One of my fellow blogger told me she can't find them in England

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