Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chanel Perfection Lumiere | Review

Hello Angels
So for the past 2 weeks i ave been using my new Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation. Tried and tested, here is my review.......
Finish  The best part i would want to talk about is the awesome finish the product leaves behind after application. It covers your skin with a soft velvety finish. Unless your face is extremely oily, you can get away with powdering at all. I prefer a glowy look but this foundation is matte by all means. And i achieve the same with the help of my Mac highlighter
Hold  Long lasting finish is probably the most 'to be appreciated' fact about this foundation. It stays put for long and does not fade on you. And trust me, i have tested them in Dubai Summers and it does not even move or slide on your face
  Coverage  It provides a medium to full coverage. You need not necessarily apply it all over your face. It can be applied where ever required for a more natural look. Additionally, you can go for a full coverage too, without appearing to have applied tones of layers of foundation. The product is skin friendly plus with an SPF 10

Shades  Another winning feature, is the variety of shades available to choose from. Its available in 3 undertone groups. Product code ending with a 'zero' is neutral, '2' is pink and '4' is a warmer undertone. This makes choosing the right shade very easy.  
Fragrance  The scent is beyond gorgeous. Honestly, i hate foundation with a fragrance because it tends to give me a headache. But this one carries a very light, gorgeous scent and i simply love it. 
Packaging  To die for. So is the case for any Chanel product to be frank. Few products gives me that immense joy and satisfaction when simply holding them or when spotting them on my dresser, this baby falls into that bucket.
Price  Expensive. But taken the fact it provides a good coverage without having to apply lots, this 30ml bottle will last me loong

Have you guys used this foundation before? Will you be buying one?

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  1. Great review! :)

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