Monday, February 4, 2013

Haul - Fashion and Accessory ♥

Hello Angels
So the world famous DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) was happening right under my nose! But i was so preoccupied with my India trip that I couldn't even take a sniff!
I almost missed the best deals in town!
With just two days left for the festival to end, I squeezed in sometime today after work for shopping. I found some awesome deals (but was also sadden by the fact that I may have missed on better) Nevertheless....this is what I shopped

It was my first time visit to Jack and Wills and my my I loved their stuffs. The store houses all fashion essentials and even crockery in a small scale. I picked myself a muffler scarf, iPhone case, eye shadow brush and a tee for my mister. 

Then i happily hopped to Zara. My favorite store. They were sold out on most 'on sale' items. 
Whatever was left, where in size small or extra small...however I picked this cute top and a classic, perfect fitted navy trouser for work from their new collection. I just love the gold zipper detailing on them. 
Plus an awesome statement necklace, i have been eyeing for long 
As I stood near the counter waiting for my turn, my eyes fell on the perfume collection. I was a total stranger to Zara perfumes. But this little bottle impressed my sense! Something to slip into my handbag....

The tour continued to Mango. I didn't shop much from Mango other than a simple black cardigan. Simple but a must have in a wardrobe. 

What have you guys shopped lately?? Have you checked out Zara's new collection? 
♥ xoxo 


  1. Great picks! Love that collar necklace :) x

    1. Thanks lovely...I love the neck piece too...planning to wear them to work tomorrow!

  2. That perfume from zara is my all time favourite! Lovely choices xx

    1. Am really loving it's excellent as a handbag perfume!

  3. Love the collar! xo


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