Monday, February 25, 2013

Stand up and Talk the Talk!

Hello Angels
A series of events in my past week convinced me to write this post. Unplanned for, but like most spontaneous posts of mine, i feel this too need to be out there in cyber space.

So to brief up, the story begins when a colleague of mine successfully pissed me off. Now to talk about this 'x' character, he as zero manners and nil knowledge of how to speak in public. Now earlier I used to put it off, thinking it was a defect by birth!! And also till then he never messed with me directly. But one fine day, he did. To keep it short he was rude. And I don't take shit. 

If your confident of your work and you know you work your ass off , then you have nothing to worry. Stand up for yourself and fight back. Make sure you convey that ' DO NOT BULLSHIT WITH ME!!

Ofcourse when working for an international organization you have to get things done through the proper channels and that's exactly what I did. Am sure he will think twice before acting smart again. 

Moral of the story...
If you deserve respect make sure you get it. If you still don't. Turn around and walk out but never ever encourage disrespect.

PS - Am blogging on the go, so no pic for this post guys!! 


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