Wednesday, January 30, 2013

♥16 Facts about Me♥

Hello Angels
The subject post seems to be trending among several bloggers this month. So why should i be an odd one?
I enjoying reading facts about others. It helps you relate more to them.
Hence, here is a Cup of ME!

♥ I am a Family loving person. And to top it up, am very protective about them
♥ I love to read. There was a time when i had the luxury to complete a book in one sitting. However, deficiency of time, has taken away that pleasure from me
♥ I am short tempered (Something i hate about myself) and it takes me a long time to get over it
♥ I love driving. After a hectic day at work, the only stress relief i require is a peaceful drive back home with loud music (I know 'Loud' isn't quite peaceful!!!)
♥ I am an honest person and not very judgmental. 
♥ I am madly in love with my husband and fall for him over and over again every day (touch wood)
♥ I love small, cozy home. I do not prefer mansion sized houses.
♥ I love interior designing though by profession am into Finance
♥ I am a shopaholic. There is no stopping me (Yes, i realize this is a bad habit!)
♥ I love eating out (especially an early morning breakfast at a nice restaurant)
♥ My new found love is Blogging. I simply find immense happiness from it.
♥ I keep rearranging items from my surroundings! Be it my home, room or work desk (my family finds this annoying though)
♥ I do not entertain bitching
♥ I am a God fearing person 
♥ I love traveling
♥ I love to bake

Tell me some facts about yourself. If you have blogged on it, leave a link in the comment box
♥ xoxo 

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