Friday, January 11, 2013

Family get Together 2013!♥

Hello Angels
The time has come when I can finally talk about it and get it out of my stomach. I swear the whole thing was swirling inside my belly! What am I saying?

I am talking about my family get together party, which I was in charge of organizing this month. And the reason why I couldn't share my plans with you guys was because, few cousins of mine follow my blog, so anything I talk about will simply spoil the surprise for them. 
For about a month now I was busy - booking a venue, deciding on caterers, choosing games, purchasing gifts etc etc....with my time consuming work schedule the said was very difficult to squeeze in, but I had to do it

Celebrating life
I have a decent no of relatives here and we make it a point to arrange gatherings every 2 months or so, involving loads of games, chit chats and gossip! The one organizer have to pull it all together without disclosing any details about the day to the rest. The party was yesterday and it was a super success! Am sooo glad.

I arranged for a pool side party and kept the theme very simple. Here are a few pics.

I seek perfection in everything I do. By nature I lean more towards creativity and hence gave importance to every detail. Since it was a family gathering, i made sure the message of togetherness and love is highlighted. At the end of the day it was the joy of having near and dear ones, that we need to celebrate

The food and cake was finger licking good. I simply loved the tiramisu coffee cake. Though the bakery slightly screwed up the writing, all was forgiven when I tasted them. 

I look the feel and look of chalk on black board. So i gave my best shot to replicate the same for my table center pieces, using black board paper and white marker!! Moreover this gave a very homely yet classic vibe.

Gifts & Goody Bags

The Venue

All my efforts paid off! I was appreciated and praised for all my hard was such a relief and joy when it all ended happily

So how did you guys like the look and feel of the party?


  1. Replies
    1. Fatz!!!!u hav put in lotta effort n happy dat it is paid off well....and i must say Lucky Shahed coz he gt sucha creative cute wife.......

  2. Love what you put together here!

  3. Such an amazing job sis! Loved they way you gave importance to every small detail.n yeah I missed it!!!

  4. Excellent job fathi,I just can't stop praising ur hardwork n talent❤


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