Saturday, January 19, 2013

Honey, am flying!!♥

Hello angels
Am in the flight as i blog away right now....i  the feel of live broadcast!!
I soooo enjoy travelling and treasure every moment of it. The best part for me is shopping at Duty free and finding all those latest products, yet to be launched in retail stores. Then stopping over at a coffee shop for a donut and hot chocolate

Plus travelling with Emirates Airways is always a joyful experience. Thumbs Up!
After all the hassle at the hat rack, we finally settled down in our seats. 

My husband loves the fish moilee served by Emirates but unfortunatley most often when he travels, the dish is never on menu. But we got lucky this time and i got to taste the much praised about fish moliee. My man was a happy 'lil bunny and i enjoyed watching him enjoy his meal..(a lot of n'joy)

I, on the other hand followed my routine magazine read. Later watched Ice Age (Continental Drift) and Friends. Never get enough of both........

Plus i found these much 'ahed' for mini Nutella jars. They are as small as Lip Balms. I had tried my luck with Spinneys and Carrefour but reurned disappointed. But the Dubai duty free, had a lavish stock and i made most of it...

Do you enjoy travelling? What do you enjoy the most?


  1. Have fun!!


  2. i love dose sunday monday nutella lovly sis in law gifted it to me........

    hope u havin grt vaccation........


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!