Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fallen for...♥

Hello Angels
I haven't done monthly favorites for sometime now, reason being though there were many likes, non felt like a discovery! But in December i hit jackpot!! I am madly & deeply in  with the below 3 items.

Longchamp - 'A travel mate', this was my ultimate reasoning behind purchasing this bag. But when i started using it..ooh my my...I fell in . The bag is light, easy to handle, houses all my stuffs and cherry on top, it's a classic beauty. It simply goes well with every dress i feel. (of course not to a party
If I were to gift any of my girlfriend, they are sure to get this baby, because I cannot recommend them enough. 

Burberry London Gift Set - as the name indicates the set was meant to be a gift to someone ( I feel soooo mean now). When we got back home, i went all gaga on the perfume and lotion...later as though he read my evil thoughts, my mister said ' why don't you use it? We will shop for another gift tomorrow' yepeee.....jump jump jump!!
I don't think words can justify how great the fragrance is. It's simply gorgeous and lasts very long. The body lotion is such a treat..I keep sniffing my own hands after using them (Insane me!). I have kept the lotion and shower gel for special occasions only!! Shhh....

Loccitane Shea Butter - Purchase was random when i stepped into the Loccitane store. But the product amazed me! Its very moisturizing and gives a natural glow to your skin. A 'lil expensive for a body butter, but it will last you long! 

What do you think about my December favorites? Have you ever fallen for somebody else's gift?? 


  1. love the longchamp-handbags too - i also have one in red :)cool blog by the way! :)

    1. I may get them in different colors too in future..xx

  2. Love your december favourites, I love L'Occitane Products.

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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