Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog, Bloggers and Blogging!♥

Hello angels
Somehow I felt the need to post a blog on this topic today...so here goes! 
For those thinking of stepping into the world of blogging, i hope this post help in a small way. To have my very own blog, was among my most desired wishes. What held me back for ages were troublesome questions like - will I make a fool out of myself? will I be committed?....so on and on 

In the end I decided to take a plunge...do or die!!!
I am soo happy to have taken the big step. If not, I would have missed on such immense joy just because I wasn't brave enough to give it a try

Simple Rules

Be yourself - Ground rule to a successful blog. Be true to yourself and your followers. Don't try to imitate. Find your true passion and run your blog based on it. No matter how different your theme is, people will appreciate your nature and lifestyle. We are unique and so should our blogs be!

Patience - you may not receive the desired recognition initially. Remember cyber world is an Ocean. And to be noted here even in a small way, takes time. Continue to blog and be passionate about it. For me the very thought of blogging brings so much self satisfaction. I enjoy every bit of it....from writing to photography to editing etc etc. I don't take it to my heart if I don't receive comments or appreciation. Of course if I do receive them that makes my day...

Selective  be selective on your topics. Don't blog about everything and anything. It's ok, if in a week you don't blog. You can always make up for the time lag with a single good post.

Mingle  follow other blogs you admire. There are billions out there and am sure you will find inspiration.

Manage  manage your blog well. Give it a 'you' template design. Its always safer to put the comment tab under approval mode to avoid any unnecessary negative vibe. Of course once your blog gains large no of followers this may need to be deactivated. Advertise your blog with other bloggers. This is an effective way to gain attention. 

It's not a task  blogging is not a job. Don't take it too hard. Don't push or stress yourself. Blog as it comes to you.

Enjoy  blog for yourself. Enjoy every moment. Be happy and content with your contribution. 

I get immense support from my family. Most of them follow me and appreciate me well. My mom, often enquire about my latest posts and gives me inspiration. My lovely sister has been my backbone. And you guys made all my efforts worth it

What say? xoxo


  1. I totally agree on this. Great advice :)

  2. Thanks for the advice! I've just started blogging and it's nice to read about the starting out process :)

    annatha | prattleandfroth.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Good to know the post was useful. All the best dear!

  3. Ur doing a great job my bestie, these blogs has helped u in ways to show ur talent n creativity n I wish u a very good luck to continue ths brilliant work...keep cheering n entertaining us with ur cute blogs❤XoXo


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