Monday, January 21, 2013

Honey, am in India!♥

Hello Angels
 Sipping a cup of tea with some plum cake, i decided to type away my first blog from India.
At 36 degree, am getting toasted here. Evenings are much better, for taking a stroll out. However, the heat isn't stopping me from enjoying my time with friends and family 

Cherry on top is the awesome, mouth watering food here!
Homemade extra spicy shrimp and mussel dishes..yumm (unfortunately i don't have a pic to share)

Below is an Indian sweet known as Peda. Main ingredient is milk. I just love them. Am not a fan of very sweeeett sweet, but this one is just right. Don't they look adorable? You can simply pop one into your mouth and it will melt away 

This was a snack my husband got me when i was in a extreme hunger state one day. The cutlet and chicken puff was soo yumm...i wish i could take some back home!

On the downside, i made a big mistake of carrying all my make up items with me. At this degree, they are near to boiling point. My Mac lipstick has almost turned into a Mac lipgloss!! A lesson to learn.

What are you guys upto? Do you have a favorite Indian sweet?


  1. ah wow looks great
    do you want to follow each other if you do let me know!

  2. I am fascinated by India and have always wanted to go - looks like your having a great time! Jealous of the hot weather too! Far too cold and snowy over here.
    Annie-Lou XO

    1. You should visit India then. Since am anyways coming from a desert, am not that fond of heat!! But everything else is amazing ....xx

  3. I'd love to visit India, sounds amazing! Great photos


    1. Yes it is amazing...and a must visit place! xx


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