Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sephora Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Hello Angels
I recently attended Sephora's Spring/Summer 2014 collection launch. Here is my take on a few products i put to test... 

Upside Down Mascara - One of a kind to be launched! This mascara basically as a dual brush. Yes, you heard me right. The dual brush ensures the lashes are coated from root to tip - top to bottom. Place your lashes between the dual brushes and pull gently to coat. Pretty innovative i must say. Cosmetics are undergoing a revolutionary change!! So let's get down to the nitty gritty's. 

Unfortunately, the dual brush invention as failed to impress me. a) application can get a 'lil tricky and you may end up smudging mascara all over your lid. b) the idea of pulling my lashes, does bother me. Lashes are sensitive and when you pull them even with minimal pressure, there is every possibility you may break a few c) unlike the classic mascaras, this one as a separate cap. So where do i place the wand after application? Keeping it exposed is not a bright idea and to place it back in the box is impractical! So what were they thinking?

The mascara in itself is actually good. So i MAY use it up after all using disposable applicators! What other choice do i have?

CC Cream (Correction & Radiance creme)
Moving on to their new CC cream. The product does an OK job correcting your skin tone but does a fantastic job at bringing a radiant look. I love using it beneath my foundation for a natural dewy glow. Consistency is slightly watery making them easy to blend. Available in 6 shades with SPF 30 it is a win win. If your looking for a not so expensive CC cream, this can be the one.

Rouge Infusion
Lipsticks in a test tube i say! I fell in love with this color Fig 14. Quiet bold for me. But i love it. The texture is similar to a lip gloss than a creamy lipstick. Moderately pigmented. Though lip gloss in texture it dries immediately after application giving a matte look. What impressed me the most is the lasting power, easily stays put for 5 to 6 hours. Available in 10 shades. The packaging is cute. Similar test tube style is done by Inglot too.

So that's my take... Let me know what you think. Are you a Sephora make up fan??


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