Monday, March 17, 2014

What's in my Mini Bag?

Hello Angels
There was a time i used to walk around with my massive Michael Kors Tote or LongChamp bag EVERYWHERE! Literally....

It did take me a while to realize this not only caused all the shoulder pain i was suffering from but practically and logically speaking i don't have to carry that big a bag always. So i quickly began my search for a mini shoulder bag. Stylish yet practical was what i was looking for and Tory Burch Robinson mini was just the one for me. It comes in delicious looking colors but black had to be choice since it blends in with all attires.

Moving onto what i carry in it. Very very limited stuffs because this indeed is a small and evening kinda bag. My MK wallet, a gift from my love on my b'day takes more than half the space. But i still like to use it, since it houses all my cards (loads) and currency neat and safe. Also it is such a gorgeous looking wallet. I love the vibrant green color! 

With the little space that is left, i squeeze in a

Lipstick and Lipgloss - Giorgio Armani's Maestro liquid lipstick 502 is my fav color at the moment (Full review) . And for a nudish lip gloss i use Revlon's Colorburst in 044.
Portable Charger - This perhaps is the MOST important item of all. I cannot step out without my iphone portable charger. Heavy use of 3G drains my battery quick. Its a life saver. This particular one is from Energizer. Compact and sleek.
Perfume - we all need one. I carry the CK Euphoria. 
A mini comb

That's it. I really don't need anything more than this. If am heading to a  party, i may not take the wallet but just my cards and use the extra space to keep a blusher and wipes. The bag as a mini zipper inside where i can place my card or cash safely.

So what do you think? Too little or too many stuffs? What do you carry in your mini bag? Can i find a portable charger?


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