Friday, March 28, 2014

Bourjois SO Laque Glossy & 1 Seconde | Review

Hello Angels
This week i tried out the Bourjois SO Laque Glossy and 1 seconde nail varnishes. To different types of nail paint offering from the brand, former being the latest. 

SO Laque Glossy - The color i got needless to say is very summery. A beautiful vibrant sky blue. 
Consistency & Texture - The consistency of these polishes are slightly thick and not too runny. True to name they leave a glossy finish, so keep that top coat at rest. For the darker shades just 1 coat does the job.
Removal - Perhaps it is to do with this particular color, it left blue stains on my nails and i had to work a little more hard than usual to wipe them clean.
Resistance - Stays put for 1 week without chipping.

I love the finish of these polishes. Gives a salon manicure look. Available in gorgeous shades especially the pastels are to die for. They have got the pastel shades perfectly right compared to other high end brands. 

1 Seconde Gel  - The product promises salon finish nails in 1 second. I got myself the lilac shade.
Applicator - wide and fine bristles. I love how it takes shape of my nails and allows easy application. 
Consistency and Texture - A Gel consistency with smooth texture. You definitely need 2 coats of the product for the perfect finish. I use a top coat too. 
Resistance -  The finish stays for 4/5 days. Though i did experience chipping by the 4th day. 

Not a huge fan of the packaging. Available in dark to light shades. Again the range of colors are fantastic. 

I prefer the SO Laque Glossy ones slightly more. What do you think?
Given a try?


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