Monday, March 24, 2014

Something Different | Chanel iphone case

Hello Angels
Dedicating a blog post for an iphone case! Yes, am kinda going overboard with my new Chanel perfume inspired iphone cover...coz i LOVE it! 

I've been eyeing one of these for some time now but the sellers never stocked for 4/4s. As destiny may have it (yes! am a 'lil overwhelmed), i finally came across a local girl selling them, placed an order and the very next day it was delivered to me. I got mine in black but it is available in white too (transparent). 

Its not for daily use perhaps. But a fab accessory to own and carry for parties, special occasions etc. It comes with a detachable, long chain

I did manage to find a seller who ships them internationally too for all my Non UAE resident readers ( Available for Samsung mobile phones too. Let me know if you buy one.. It costed me US$24. 

What are your thoughts, like or not like?? 



Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!