Monday, December 2, 2013

Benefit's Rockateur & Hydra Lipcolor | Review

Hello Angels
Time for me to gear up in my Benebabe suit! On my plate i have 2 of the most looked forward to Benefit products for review. Rocketeur blush and Hydra Lipcolor.

Benefit's boxed blushes are very famous among beauty lovers. And the Rocketeur is one of their latest offering. Beside from the gorgeous packaging, i absolutely adore the 'Rock' embossing on the blusher. Makes it more attractive to a girl like me with a weakness for pretty things.

Moving on to performance (i sound like my boss!!)... Rockateur is a shimmery rose gold blusher. As much as i like the color, i was a 'lil doubtful about the shimmer. But i stand corrected. It left a very subtle yet beautiful shimmer behind. Not too bright.

Now here's the trick i wanna share. If you wanna go less glittery and more matte, use the blush from the center only. But if you like the shade with shimmer, swirl your brush into the box in a normal fashion. The glitter is more towards the edges.

I honestly like them with shimmer because they give my cheeks a healthy glow. It comes with a Kabuki style brush. Cost US$28

Moving on to the Lipcolor. Can i say i love the packaging again. The boxing is a keeper. As the name indicates these are Benefit's Lip color/ lip balm mash up. The product is enriched with mango butter,
shea and Vitamin E. It glides on effortlessly and keeps my lip hydrated. I usually use a lip balm underneath my lipstick for hydration but with this product i can totally skip that step. 

What i really like is the fact it is available in 10 shades with an option of sheer, medium and full
coverage!!! How clever. I own the 'Wing Women'. A beautiful taupe color.

Do you own any one of these?? Are your a Benefit fan...what's your favorite product?? Let me know...helps me when I go shopping next time. Don't forget to click on the 'Notify Me' checkbox to receive my response ;)


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