Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mac Mini Haul | Review

Hello Angels

What's your favorite makeup product among all?? Mine would be without doubt Blush and then perhaps lipstick! 

I recently gifted myself 2 Mac blushes - Well dressed and Pink Swoon. I spend a lot of time researching and reading reviews before deciding on a color. And these 2 came out to be very appealing.

My love for well dressed is hard to explain. It sweeps away the title of my 'absolute favorite' color by far among all blushes i own. Light violet with a soft touch of pink. My description does no justice. It appears very light on skin and hence may require a couple of strokes for a visible impact.

Pink swoon - have you heard of Estée Lauders Electric pink? The color is beyond gorgeous. But unfortunately the same is not available in Dubai or on any online stores i checked. As an alternative (though not replacement for Electric pink though) i bagged Pink Swoon by Mac. Gorgeous pink. Looks kinda bright but when applied carefully it leaves behind a gorgeous pretty pink kissed cheeks. Gives your face an instant lift.

Here in Dubai, Mac stores stock less of refills. So though I have a blush palette, I still have to spent more and get one with casing and then depot 'em. What a pain!!

What's your favorite make up product? And help me if you know where I can find Electric pink.

Hope you guys had a Fantastic Christmas...


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