Saturday, December 7, 2013

Micaroon Makeup Launch

Hello Angels
The very existence of this blog reflects my love for cosmetics and makeup. So it is but natural i get excited about new launches! Last week i got to attend the launch party of Micaroon Makeup. Yes, you heard me right - Micaroon! Inspired by the Real Macrons. It is not only the name but the packaging too that is highly inspired by Macrons. I found it bloody cute. 

They introduced Lip sticks, Lip glosses, Blush, Eye shadows and Mascara. Other than the Mascara of course everything else comes in cute Macron look alike pots! 

I got my hands on their Blush. This one here is called 'TOU'. Lingo for 'beautiful flushed pink'. The texture is creamy, which i like. Well pigmented and gives a very natural glow. Most of their eye shadows are vibrant and fun. I found the quality to be very good too. 

These make a very pretty add on to your makeup collection. And I think they make fantastic gifts too. I got one for my friend already. She is a sucker for cute things too like me. The packaging is to die for!

There isn't a wide variety to choose from but nevertheless it is a good kick start. I really like the concept. Micaroon makeup is available only in UAE for now. Blush cost US$15

How did you like this brand? Would you buy one if available? Let me know...
Have you discovered any new brands lately???



  1. agh! i need these! but i do not think i can get these in the uk :( sob!

    1. I know it's sad....letz hope the open online sales soon!!

  2. Hi!
    This blush is extremely cute :o
    I happened to visit your blog thanks to Twitter. Love it so far!


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