Thursday, October 30, 2014

Erase those Bags | Clarins Instant Concealer

Hello Angels
Lets talk about those heavy duty bags ladies! Even on a 'No makeup' day, i cheat, thanks to my very evident and visible dark circles. My holy grail concealer has been Makeup Forever Full cover concealer for almost 2 years. Yes i have used many many tubes of that heavy industrial product! Lol..

Here's the twist - I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a new product this month. Settled for Clarins Instant Concealer after some serious hours of Googling (my purchase for foundations and concealers are never spontaneous! I research!)

Firstly may i say, the texture of this product is beyond amazing. Silky velvety smooth. Especially if you have used Full Cover by Makeupforever or any other concealer with a thick / hard-to-blend texture, this product is a revelation. It knocks of my dark shadow immediately without having to pile on layers. The smooth texture allows you to build up and still not look like you have ton of concealer on. And that for me is a True Blessing! Little goes a long way too. 

Now for those thinking creamy concealers crease, the answer is No. I apply the product and then buff it in with a beauty blender. Finally set it using a powder. Never as it creased on me. 

The concealer comes in 4 shades. Mine in No3.

AED145/USD 32

In the market for a concealer?? 


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