Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lunch with a View | Observatory

Hello Angels
Up for some drooling food pics?? 
Yesterday we visited the Observatory restaurant located at JW Marriott, Dubai Marina for lunch. Highlight of the restaurant being the amazing view it offers. The restaurant is located on the 52nd floor, top floor of the building to be precise and the view is Ah-MAZING! 

I wasn't sure whether to visit during day or night time, finally dropped by for lunch. Few items on the Menu were really good and some average but love the ambiance and friendly staff. Perfect spot to unwind and chit chat with friends and family.

Definitely going back again. Make sure to mention you want a window seat when placing reservation.

Must Try - Chicken Tikka wrap, Mexican chicken wrap, Butter chicken and Basmati Rice. 

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. And do let me know of your favorite spot to unwind in Dubai.



  1. Gorgeous pictures!! What camera and editing software do you use?

    Charlotte x

    1. Thanks dear... I use Canon 600D. The above pics are not edited in anyway.
      But when required i use photo shop.


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