Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's in my NEW Bag?? | TopShop

Hello Angels
Ladies, let me introduce you to my brand new Work Bag from TopShop. It took me literally less than 5 minutes to decide that i wanted this babe in my life.

I love the color combination, i love the flexible material and size. Perfectly fits my LOAD of stuff. I carry quite a bit to work, so though i would love a more feminine looking handbag, for practical reasons i can't. No regrets!

Laptop & charger, Personal notebook/diary, Makeup bag, Eye makeup remover wipes, face spray, shades, 2 phones and wallet! Yup all that fits smartly into this bag. Look professional plus stylish now that's value for money! 

Price AED275/USD70

What do you think?? Do you tend to carry a lot to work too? I love a good handbag. Adds so much to your look. 



  1. Love this bag! My college back is a huge black "leather"one from primark! Its amazing for fitting in so many things. I pray constantly that the handle doesn't snap! Xxx

    1. Oh Yes! I fear about the strap too...but it feels very strong and well designed so far...


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