Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lovin' | Nails & A Book

Hello Angels
What's up my lovelies?? 
About the title, Nails and Book! Yes, i know they don't really blend. But i thought i would share 3 of my early September favorites. By profession am a Finance Analyst, so my day to day work life is not very colorful or glamorous. However, i add tad bit color to my so called 'professional attire' with the help of accessories or in this particular week using nail paints.

This light lilac-y blue color by KIKO is an old favorite. To this i added Barry M's Amethyst Glitter. I so so loved the combination and received compliments too! woop woop! Am growing rather fond of this style and may try it out with other colors too.

Another find - Monumental  by X Formula. I love love X Formula's pastel collection and this one is truly the perfect nude shade. It goes well with all outfits and i cannot stop starring at my nails!!

If i wasn't painting my nails, i was mostly glued to this book - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. International best seller and that says it all. Though it did take me a couple of chapters to really get hooked. And then there was no separating us. The story revolves around a couple Nick and Amy and their disturbed marriage. Amy disappears on the morning of their 5th anniversary.

The book takes us through several events in a parallel fashion - Investigation/Interrogation by Cops, Nick turning out to be not so 'Perfect Husband' after all and narrations from Amy's Diary about her life with Nick.

I won't let out any spoilers but do make sure you add this thriller to your list.



  1. Your nails look so pretty! :)
    and I need something to put on my reading list! This is deffo now on it! :)
    Anna xxx


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