Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauty Updates #6 + Giveaway

Hello Angels 

Beauty Blender
Ain't we all familiar with these Hot Pink cult favorite??!! That being said i am quite late to the party! OMG, they are not just one of the best makeup tool inventions but addictive too.

Wet the sponge, squeeze excess water before application. Super easy to buff in and the 'Pointed' corner allows easy application towards corners. Makeup looks flawless and neat.   
Good News - These babies launch in Sephora outlets Dubai this November. They are also launching Micro Mini versions, designed for eye + nose contouring. I wasn't very sure about the need to have mini ones. But after a demo by the makeup artist. i totally wanted a dozen! Are you a Beauty blender fan??

Sephora Lipstick Remover
You never realize the need for certain products until your introduced to it. Lipstain Antidote by Sephora falls under this category for me. We all love our long lasting lipsticks but lets agree to get them off becomes a pain at times. 

This oil in gel formula based product removes lip stains and dark lipsticks within seconds. Comes in a very convenient small tube that can be slipped into your handbag. Such a handy product, isn't it??


Sephora Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick
Sephora is definitely upping their game on a cosmetic front. Their liquid lipstick was a major hit and this fall they have launched Rouge Extreme Liquid lipsticks. A slightly refined version of the former. 

Firstly i love the packaging. The texture is creamy and OMG pigmented. The only low down being all colors in the collection are dark. If you are on a look out for long lasting lipstick this babe from Sephora is a STEAL!


Now for the exciting bit. Am giving away each product mentioned in this post. UAE Residents only. Rules? Simple, leave a comment below telling me what is your favorite makeup tool along with email address. All the Best!

Hope you found this post useful my loves. Have a safe and fun weekend.



  1. Hey Fatma!

    I'm currently obsessed with the Beauty Blender and can't wait till they officially launch in November. It spreads foundation and/or concealer evenly and fits into weird crevices of undereyes and nose. It's a beauty addict's must-have! Great post and thank you for this giveaway Xx

  2. I spotted this beauty blender when I was in the UK last month but never bought it. Boy do I regret that decision now! Though at the moment, my favourite makeup tool has to be the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush. I feel it's the perfect size to reach all the little nooks and gives a flawless finish!


    Fingers crossed! x

    1. same here...i completely missed to include beautyblender to my shopping list during my visit to UK...
      All the Best..

  3. wow thanks for the heads up regarding the beauty blender. i've been using one for years and i need a replacement. good to know they are launching this November here! :)

    for my favourite makeup tool as of the moment, I gotta say it's the shiseido perfect foundation brush. flawless application each time and can be used with almost any makeup!


    1. Never given Shiesido tools a try before...
      Will check them out next time...;)

  4. Sephora Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick is my favourite as it gives me the flawless look & it stays for long. I am in love with it.

    My email is

    Name - Rreema Bhatia


  5. I am absolutely loving my Narsisst goodies atm! Hourglass products are on my wishlist, as they are not available anywhere near me! And so glad to hear that the beautyblender is coming to Dubai! Always wondered how to get my hand on those. Have heard excellent things and the dupes never seem to live it up.

  6. My fave tool is def the beauty blender! I was so obsessed with having it that I made some relatives of mine go out of their way to buy me one! What's even worse, my mom threw it out thinking its a cheap "used too many times" sponge! And now I don't have access to another! </3 So that was my "first world problems" sob story. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  7. My favorite tool is the buffing brush from the Real Techniques core collection. I use it for touch ups, blush, applying liquid, powder, cream foundations and also for contouring ( with a lot of practice). It's versatile and I always recommend it to my friends.

    Name - Maryam

    Email -

    P.S. Cant wait for the micro mini to be stocked at Sephora!

  8. My current obsession now is the beauty blends like a dream.

    Name:amina shada

    Looking forward to win the goodies :)

  9. I'm in love with my RMK powder and blusher brush...I can't justify buying Suqqu and this is made by the same brush company.. Btw can't wait for NARS to open up this month!


  10. Fav tool has to be a primer because I have a) oily skin and b) you can imagine how that works out living in Dubai. Great giveaway!


  11. My fav beauty tool without doubt is the beauty blender! I had purchased mine 3 yrs back & its literally the best investment till date! Reaches the corners to blend my concealer as well. Another tool is my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I cannot apply false lashes properly but this curler doesn't even give the the reason to!

    1. Shu Uemura is a cult favorite ...never given it a try though :(

  12. I am completely obsessed with my Real Techniques Powder Brush and It allows to use less product while giving maximum results. I love the soft and dense bristles while leaving a Flawless look.
    Email :

  13. I have just started learning techniques for applying make up via blogs and youtube recently considering I was not sure of how to do it for the longest period. Seeing all these videos I am always not sure what brands and tools to use for blending the makeup. I would really love to win the beauty blender to help me get started out.
    If the competition is still going on I would really love to win this :)

  14. My favorite beauty tool is the F80 foundation brush by Sigma. I use it for applying and blending foundation. I also use it when bronzer/blush is too strong. It makes everything look smoother and softer. Hope I win this! xx


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