Friday, September 5, 2014

Nail Art | DIY

Hello Loves
Weekend is here! Thank goodness. 

So i put on my creative hat this weekend and decided to try something different whilst painting my nails. Stripes it was (also because it seemed a lot more easier than other designs)

Here are the steps i followed 
  • Before you kick start, cut out few pieces of tape in desired width. I went for rather slim ones
  • To get a hang of it, start with your thumb nail. Place the tapes on your nails (any desired angle)
  • And then paint away (i used Greenberry by Barry M here)
  • Be patient and let the paint dry well before you strip them off
  • Apply the Top coat 
  • DONE!
Once you get a hang of it, you can do all nails together. It does take time but i think the results are worth it. Also it is a fun time pass when you've friends over for catch up or tea.

Have a fun weekend guys...


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