Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sugarholic | Life Lately

Hello Angels
Hope you guys are having a lovely week. You must be pretty up to date on what am upto if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. If you don't a) follow me now b) here is a quick brief up just for you...

My obsession with cosmetics equals my love for anything sweet. I indulge in several gramssss of sugar a day. Yes, not healthy. But am really not the type into diet. Also the quantity i eat really don't show up, so that's another reason for my care free sweet consumption!

Last week was mostly spent catching up with friends and family. This meant meet up over coffee, tea or lunch.

Weekend FOTD | Mint nails & coffee | Chanel inspired flower vase for my desk
Chewy, chocolaty cookies from Home Bakery | Kunafe cheesecake from Sukar Desserts | Cake from Cheesecake Factory | Pistachio Ice cream Espresso! 

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P.S. To all those on diet, am sorry for this visual torture. 


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