Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Night Skincare Routine

Hello my loves,
Skincare... Such a crucial crucial task one got to follow. Especially if you are into Makeup and all that Jazz...

My skincare routine fluctuates often. Products get added and removed constantly. Being a cosmetic addict, i love to experiment but at the same time i am mindful not to jeopardize the quality or state of my skin.

I have a normal to combination skin with no BIG issues (touchwood!). I lookout for hydration and deep cleansing in products. 

1. Cleanse - My daily night skincare begins with removing my makeup using Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth. This product is holy grail. I begin by immersing the muslin cloth in hot water. Pump a small dollop of the product and massage my face and eyes for a good 2min. Then wipe using hot cloth. This process removes 97% makeup off my face (there is a unique sense of satisfaction when i see all that makeup\dirt on the muslin cloth!!) 

2. Cleanse again - To ensure am left with absolute no makeup, i go for another round of cleansing, this time using Bioderma Micellar water on a cotton pad

3. Wash my face with cold water and dab dry.

4. Moisture - To lock the moisture back in after all that cleansing and toning. I use either Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting moisturizer or Caudalie's Divine oil. Choice between the 2 depends on how my skin feels. If it feels too dry then i apply Caudalie and give it a good 3min massage. Face massage increase blood circulation and brings a natural glow from within. 

4. During weekends or days when my skin feels or looks dull, i add one extra step after 2.  Here i use the Sanctuary 5min Thermal Detox Mask. This product is an absolute winner for me and always does a great job (Full Review)

My skincare routine is quite simple and basic. There ain't tons of products i use. Even days when am dead tired after work i ensure to follow this routine before hitting bed (pat myself at the back!)

Do you spot a favorite here? How complex or simple is your skincare routine. I ordered Aesop Parsely seed mask the other day and i can't wait to try it out.


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