Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty Updates #6 | Redken, X formula & Evian

Hello Darlings
Here are a few new discoveries from last week. Hope you enjoy the read...

Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier
I have a pretty good hair care regime (if i say so myself) but continue to struggle when it comes to adding some volume into them. Flat hair all the way. I've tried my luck with hair sprays from Lo'real and Tresemme. But none seem to work. I recently gave Redken's Body Full Volume Amplifier a try and this one as by far given me the best results. To say the least, satisfying results.

Use the product after shower on wet hair. Apply a generous amount to roots and length of your hair. The trick is to spray the product on to your hands, rub between your palm until they begin to slightly lather and then apply. This creates more volume and gives better, visible results.

My hair had comparatively more volume the next day morning. Plus it doesn't leave your hair greasy and smells amazing! Win Win...

Cost AED 102/USD25 for 100ml

Evian Facial Spray
With summer in full swing, i realized the need for a decent facial spray was a must.

With makeup on, one cannot afford to wash their face frequently. Especially during summer, i cannot resist the urge and that's where facial spray comes to play for me. I find this one quite refreshing and the impact stays for long.

Just like Evian water, this little guy is also quite expensive. I use the 50ml bottle. Convenient size that easily slips into my make up pouch. Also available in 150ml and 300ml. No fragrance. Cost AED25/USD7

Potent by X formula Sephora

Yes, i have a thing for nail polishes. And this one from X Formula is my new find. Baby pink with tones of purple to it. Three coats required for a opaque look. You need to be REALLY patient and wait for the 1st coat to dry before you go for the 2nd or 3rd. Else you end forming heavy streaks.

Pastel collection from X Formula is to die for. But yes, application requires patience. However, am pretty happy with the finished look here.

Do let me know if you have come across a better/reasonably priced facial spray. Have a great weekend.



  1. Sounds like a sill question, but does Facial spray leave you looking 'wet'! Its always put me off buying one... but I can see the pros from using one!

    1. No dear...I understand your concern. But the skin quickly absorbs facial spray in couple of seconds leaving them fresh.


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